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Cleaning and polishing tooth    Polishing is the removal of plaque, calculus, and stains from the exposed and unexposed    surfaces of the teeth by scaling and polishing as a means to prevent periodontal disease.
   A cleaning involves removing debris and extraneous matter from the teeth. Polishing makes
   the surfaces of teeth smooth. As a result of these procedures, the teeth are smooth and
   clean at the end of treatment.

  Cleaning and Polishing regularly by your dentist helps keep your teeth and gums healthy and    your smile whiter. Cleaning removes the hard tartar which cannot be removed by brushing.    Stains from coffee, tea, cigarettes or red wine are removed with the polishing.

   Polishing tooth surfaces makes the surface smooth which makes it more difficult for plaque
   and debris to accumulate on your teeth to cause decay or gum disease. It is a preventive    procedure and is a first-line defense against catastrophic dental problems.

   Dental polishing, or more commonly called coronal polishing, is performed when cleaning has    removed the hardened tartar buildup.
   Premedication with antibiotics prior to the polishing treatment is required for those    patients with heart disease or a history of rheumatic fever. This is a preventive measure,    please consult us before incase you have a problem.

   The patient is advised not to eat or drink for 30 minutes following a cleaning/polishing    appointment, to allow sufficient time for fluoride uptake. There are usually no complications    associated with coronal polishing and the duration of cleaning and polishing will depend on    the amount of plaque or tartar accumulation.

   If you have any doubts make an appointment right away or send us E-mail and let us
   deal with your problems. Like always we try our level best to give the best advice and    arrange the best treatment for you.

Process of removal tartar
Cleaning dental Polishing Cleaning and polishing before and after



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